realty office twin citiesOur business model is simple….to eliminate the high costs of the brick and mortar typically associated with larger corporate structuring, without sacrificing the tools and support agents need to be successful in today’s real estate market. By following this model we are able to pay our agents one of the most aggressive compensation plans available from a full service broker. These models are the way of the future for real estate firms!

There are “traditional” real estate companies and “online” real estate companies, we believe we are positioned perfectly in between. We are not a warehouse for REALTORS®. We know that for agents to succeed they need the proper tools, support, technology, education, office space and marketing tools. We provide all that and more!

Real Estate Has Changed – Don’t Be a Dinosaur!

Real estate practice today is about mobility and staying connected wherever you are. Because of the advancements in technology, agents are able to get more done while on the move. Smart phones and laptops travel with agents most of the time and are a key part of staying connected with their clients. Busy agents spend less time in the office today than they did 10 years ago. Statistics show that the average realtor needs less square feet of office space then they use to. This poses a problem for the big box companies….but not for us. Our office is designed to match the flow, pace, size and atmosphere that agents and their clients need in today’s market. Our forward thinking office includes a coffee bar, lounge area, agent offices, informal and formal meeting rooms and more.

We challenge you to take a good hard look at your book of business and see where it is derived from. There is a good chance most, if not all of it, comes from your own personal marketing and promotional activities. After all, they are hiring you not the broker, and you should be paid accordingly? Do you feel like you are giving up more to your broker than you get in return, are your monthly fees going up and up? If so, give us a call today for a no obligation visit to our office….you will be glad you did.